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KINGS HERBAL is packed with 100% concentrates. It is made from fusion of selected fruits, herbs and vegetables that are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols among  others, KING's herbal provides with all the essential anti-oxidants substances that your body needs.

Beta carotene
Ellagic Acid
Allium Compounds
Coenzymes Q10
Vitamins A, C, E

Recommended Instructions Intake

Asthma, Diabetic (maintenance dependent), hi-blood pressure, hi-cholesterol, low blood, heart disease, gout arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, insomnia, vertigo, dysmenorrhea, UTI, cough and cold, ulcer, primary complex, skin asthma, psoriasis and others.

1.1 Take (3x to 4x) a day every before meals
KINGS 100%                             -(30ml) before breakfast
                                                   -(30ml) before lunch
(optional or as recommended)     -(30ml) in between (afternoon)
                                                   -(30ml) before dinner
Diabetic (insulin dependent), diabetic for amputation, kidney failure, kidney failure, kidney stones, lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, heap b, leukemia, tuberculosis, lymphoma, gall bladder stone disease, dengue, emphysema, goiter, thyroid and others.

2.1 Take (3x to 4x) a day every before meals
KINGS 100%                             -(60m-90ml) before breakfast
                                                   -(60m-90ml) before lunch
(optional or as recommended)     -(60m-90ml) in between (afternoon)
                                                   -(60m-90ml) before bedtime

(Dosage: 90ml, 3x to 4x a day, optional or as recommended)

Kings Herbal 350ml and 750ml 

No preservatives, artificial color and artificial flavor added. Definitely 100%  natural extracts. Also, King’s Herbal is safe and actually BFAD and FDA APPROVED!
BFAD LTO #: RDII – RII – F – 2283
FR #: 95265
KINGS Herbal is a Food Supplement with no approved therapeutic claims.

Carrot roots, Eucalyptus leaves, Squash fruits, Makabuhay stem, Taro leaves, Bitter gourd beet roots, Tomato fruits, Amaranth leaves, Avocado seeds, black beans, black plum leaves and fruits, Brocolli leaves, Chinese orange fruits, Lime fruits, Mango leaves, Melon tree fruits, Mugworth leaves, Oregano leaves, Pandan roots and leaves, Pennyworth leaves, Queens flower leaves, Red beans, Shiny bush leaves, Spinach leaves, Tea leaves, Thorn apple fruits, Velvet apple fruits and Wild tea leaves.

Suggested Retail Price
——-750ml = Php 1000 pesos only—
——-350ml = Php 500 pesos only—

Kings Herbal Soap

KINGS HERBAL SOAP is very helpful in treating any bacterial & fungal infections. Cleanses skin and at the same time has moisturizing effect, leaving your skin and smooth. It is also recommended for people who have unpleasant body odor. Use daily during bath for best results.

Suggested Retail Price
—— Php 150 pesos only ——

Use as a regular soap. Leave several minutes for dandruff and skin diseases.

Keep out of reach of children.

Kings Herbal Beauty Soap

is blended with Dragon Fruits extract which containts high level of Vitamins C, B1, B2 and B3 that are effective in fighting free radicals, fine lines wrinkles and other signs of aging. Combined with lactic acid that highly possesses anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties, and enhanced with Vitamin E that is good key to healthy & smooth skin and it also excellent in skin tightening , cell repairs and skin nourishing that holds real life fountain of youth.

Suggested Retail Price
—– Php 150 pesos only —–

Use as regular beauty soap.